Strategic Logistics Management Short Programme Certificate

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The Short Programme in Strategic Logistics Management improves the efficiency of each department within a business by simplifying its operations and costs and therefore making the business more profitable. The programme covers all aspects of strategic logistics management. Centurion Academy’s programmes are developed to improve critical thinking skills and as such incorporate a variety Of instructional techniques that are used to assist in learning and to assess our students’ progress.
Wie behoort vir hierdie program in te skryf?
  • Supervisors
  • People who are already working in a strategic logistic environment who want to get a formal qualification
Grade 12
  • Strategic logistic supervisors
  • Strategic logistic managers
  • Introduction to supply chain management
  • Sourcing
  • Contract management
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory
  • Manufacturing and operations
  • Reverse logistics
  • Transportation
  • Customer service
  • Logistics Information systems
  • Logistics channels and network design
  • Alignment of supply and demand
  • Management strategies
  • Global logistics
  • Integrated supply chain risk management
  • Broad-based black economic empowerment

Kopiereg: Centurion Akademie 2015