Centurion Academy

About Centurion Academy

A modern approach to private tertiary education, designed for the new era

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Centurion Academy is a registered and accredited provider of a wide range of distinctive qualifications, and boasts a proud 22-year history of pioneering an academic offering that is designed to keep students engaged, motivated and able to enjoy what they are doing while they prepare for their chosen career.

We have taken the initiative to develop an independent, contemporary and responsive educational model offering an array of registered qualifications as well as providing all students with skills-based qualifications, in an environment designed to give you the tools to adapt to our ever-changing world.

In all instances, our model revolves around a unique concept of blended learning and support that offers today’s students the flexibility to attend our campus and benefit from great academic support, personal and professional development, and a vibrant sports and social life.

To further our goal of creating a dynamic educational environment, Centurion Academy has joined the NewBridge Graduate Institute family. This has brought a wealth of experience in tertiary education, as well as a management team that is well-versed in delivering a modern, innovative education experience that ensures our students are prepared for both student life and the working world.

An engaging academic journey

Central to our teaching and learning model are small classes, encouraging innovation in both our educators and students. Our education approach is designed to be engaging, while improving understanding, individual development and, ultimately, achievement.

A vibrant campus life

We understand how important campus life is as part of the college experience, encouraging personal growth and development. Our campuses are safe, central and digitally-enabled, offering our students vibrant spaces in which to learn, collaborate, meet new people and have fun.

Our social calendar sees a regular roster of exciting and engaging events, competitions and functions, ranging from health workshops and outdoor adventures to gaming days and social braais.

The NewBridge Sports Academy

Whether you are an avid sports person, or just wishing to maintain health and fitness – we have you covered. Our sports programme facilitates the development of our students’ personal sporting, health and fitness objectives, with access to various facilities and opportunities to help you reach your goals.

Once you have selected a campus, you can choose from various sporting options available to you – ranging from access to the on-site gym, training and nutrition support and/or membership to sports clubs.

The Accelerate Academy

The exclusive Accelerate Academy equips every Centurion Academy student with the skills and insights required to adapt and thrive as you pursue your passions. The Accelerate Academy includes personal and professional development alongside specialist programmes in humanities, leadership, entrepreneurship and technology, giving you the tools to make the most of your educational journey and to follow a prosperous career and life path.

You will gain the following:

  1. Personal and professional development programme
  2. International short learning certificates
  3. Industry-aligned work experience


To boost your CV and enhance your appeal to potential employers, the Accelerate Academy is accompanied by relevant Short Learning Programmes (SLPs) offered through a range of internationally-recognised global universities and institutions, offered on innovative learning platforms such as edX and Coursera.

The Accelerate Academy develops pertinent skillsets, giving you the ability to effectively evolve throughout your career to ensure you remain relevant in the workplace.


Registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act, No. 101 of 1997. Registration no. 2001/HE07/003.

Provisionally registered as a private college in terms of Section 31(3) of the CET Act and regulation 12(4)(b) to offer the Report 191/190 part- qualifications listed thereon until 31 December 2022. Registration no: 2016/FE07/006