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Bursary Programme

A modern approach to private tertiary education, designed for the new era

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Centurion Academy is a registered and accredited provider of a wide range of distinctive qualifications, and boasts a proud 22-year history of pioneering an academic offering that is designed to keep students engaged, motivated and able to enjoy what they are doing while they prepare for their chosen career.

We have taken the initiative to develop an independent, contemporary and responsive educational model offering an array of registered qualifications as well as providing all students with skills-based qualifications, in an environment designed to give you the tools to adapt to our ever-changing world.

In all instances, our model revolves around a unique concept of blended learning and support that offers today’s students the flexibility to attend our campus and benefit from great academic support, personal and professional development, and a vibrant sports and social life.

To further our goal of creating a dynamic educational environment, Centurion Academy has joined the NewBridge Graduate Institute family. This has brought a wealth of experience in tertiary education, as well as a management team that is well-versed in delivering a modern, innovative education experience that ensures our students are prepared for both student life and the working world.

The stepping stone to your future

You are an individual, and at Centurion Academy we celebrate this. Our approach to bursaries is different. Rather than simply awarding bursaries to those who are already at the top of their game, we have developed unique criteria to assess passion, perseverance and commitment to developing skills. This allows us to select not just those who are performing at their best, but those who are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to boost their skills and develop themselves in academic, sporting, artistic and/or leadership spheres.

Centurion Academy has developed a Bursary Programme, and structured finance packages, to help deserving students achieve their dream of a high-quality tertiary education.

Bursaries are available based on various criteria within the following categories:


Academic bursaries are available to students who have a strong all-round academic record and display a commitment to hard work. We look to offer bursaries to students who serve as academic role models and show academic leadership.


Leadership bursaries are awarded to students who have actively demonstrated leadership within their schooling careers. We believe that leadership takes many forms, and award these bursaries to students who have been leaders in their school, served as sports captains or other leadership roles, or who are recommended by their schools or communities.


Sporting bursaries are awarded to students who have shown excellence, passion and a drive to excel at their chosen sport and are looking to play sport at one of the Centurion Academy associated sports clubs, or who are looking to join the NewBridge Sports Academy.

Arts & Cultural

Cultural bursaries are awarded to students who have displayed strength in areas such as art, drama, music, chess, debating or dance, and who will positively use these skills at Centurion Academy.

All-rounder bursaries

All–rounder bursaries are awarded to students who have displayed strength in their academic achievements, as well as within leadership roles and in their sports or cultural achievements. This bursary is designed to recognise students that have achieved a minimum of 50% in trials or finals, and that have actively participated and achieved across 2 or the other bursary categories.

We provide partial financial support through our Bursary Programme and full financial support for exceptional performance. Should you wish to apply please complete the form below:

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