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National Diploma | 2 Year | NQF 5 (257 Credits) | SAQA ID 48636

The National Diploma in Structural Steelwork Detailing will provide learners with the standards required to satisfy the challenges of participating effectively in the steel construction industry. For those who have been in the workplace for a long time, this qualification can be used in the recognition of prior learning process to assess and recognise workplace skills acquired. This qualification has been developed to assist with standardisation across the steel construction industry. This will allow a person to register as a structural steel detail draughtsman and lay a foundation for future career advancement to supervisory and management qualifications within the sector.
Ideal for...

Individuals who:

  • enjoy Engineering Graphics, Civil Technology, Technical Drawings and Design
  • have a passion to transfer concepts onto paper
  • have patience and perseverance
  • have a passion for computer work
  • can concentrate for long periods of time
  • are meticulously accurate
  • have three-dimensional perceptual skills
Admission Requirements

A minimum of a Grade 12 or N3 Engineering Studies with 40% or higher in Mathematics or 55% or higher for Mathematic Literacy (Information Technology and Draughting skills will be an advantage)

Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

1799 Hours over the period of two years

Career Opportunities
  • Draughtsmen
  • Section Leader
  • Verifier
  • Drawing Office Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Engineering Assistant
Year 1
  • Module 1: Associate theory of structures, structural behaviour, mechanical properties and resistance of connectors and structural steelwork elements as well as regulations, codes, standards and drawing office practices with the preparation of detail drawings of connections and load bearing elements used in the fabrication and assembly of steel structures
  • Module 2: Collect, analyse and critically evaluate engineering requirements for the detailing of connections and load bearing elements to ensure safe and economical connections and load bearing elements for structural steelwork assemblies
  • Module 3: Organise and manage one's self and one's activities in the production of structural steelwork detail drawings to ensure the accurate measurement and placement of individual assemblies on drawing layouts in accordance with drawing office practice and specifications.
  • Module 4: Communicate effectively between structural steel drawing office personnel, workshop and site personnel as well as associated engineering personnel when preparing and issuing detail drawings.
  • Module 5: Communicate with clientele when compiling estimates and quotations for structural steelwork projects based on the standard system of measurement of building work for the steel construction industry thereby ensuring that accurate estimates are compiled and quotations produced from standard contract documentation are in accordance with best practice standards.
  • Module 6: Identify and solve problems when preparing details of structural steelwork connections and load bearing elements to ensure accurate calculations and workshop drawings are produced in accordance with the engineer's requirements and contract specifications.
  • Module 7: Use science and technology associated with connection design and Draughting practice to produce detail drawings of structural steelwork assemblies and arrangement drawings.
  • Module 8: Use advanced 3D computer modelling science and technology to produce detail drawings and related data for the fabrication of commercial and industrial structural steel buildings.
  • Module 9: Integrate the processes and sequences associated with the preparation and production of structural steelwork detail drawings with the fabricating workshop and site planning functions and evaluate the combined impact of these processes on the time and cost of producing quality products within contract specifications and programme.
  • Module 10: Demonstrate an understanding of the world as a set of related systems by contributing to the implementation of enhanced quality control processes from the preparation of detail drawings to the fabrication stage and through to the on-site erection of structural steelwork assemblies including the handover of completed steel structures.
Year 2
  • Module 1: Demonstrate an understanding of strength of materials in relation to steel structures.
  • Module 2: Demonstrate an understanding of advanced theory of structures and structural behaviour relative to steel structures.
  • Module 3: Prepare structural steelwork detail drawings for the fabrication of assemblies for ancillary steelwork for building.
  • Module 4: Prepare structural steelwork detail drawings for the fabrication of assemblies for multi-storey buildings.
  • Module 5: Prepare structural steelwork detail drawings for the fabrication of assemblies for process plants.
  • Module 6: Design a range of load bearing elements for steel structures.
  • Module 7: Design structural steelwork connections.
  • Module 8: Control quality in the fabrication assembly and erection of structural steelwork assemblies.

This qualification is designed to provide the student with multiple certificates and qualifications, both locally and internationally recognised by the industry for maximum employability.

On completion the student will earn:

  • National Diploma: Structural Steelwork Detailing, NQF Level 5, SAQA ID: 48636, 257 Credits
  • International Certificates: AutoDesk AutoCAD, AutoDesk Advanced Steel and Tekla

Structural Steelwork Detailing is offered as a:

  • Full Time Programme